Eye-Catching Blank Tri Fold Paper Brochure Mockup


In today’s highly competitive world, the orientation of your company’s product or service among the public play a key role in deciding about the success and failure of your company. This thing is often disturbing and challenging for the small scale companies and businesses that they spend millions of dollars on the marketing and advertising of their products and services to create a favorable image among the public.

Big companies make use of many different marketing and promotional tactics to attract the customers but small businesses do not need to worry about it. Brochure is one such marketing tool which is easily affordable by even small scale companies. It can be used effectively to create a positive brand image of your company among your potential customers.

A brochure is a bi-fold, tri-fold or square paper which contains the relevant information about the company its products, services, contact information and other relevant details. It can be printed according to the needs and requirements of the company. These can be printed for the promoting a certain event or promotional deals. The design of brochure can be made splendid and grand or sophisticated and informative. It can include the pictorial design of the product, catalog of the product designs, and annual corporate report of the company and can have anything printed on it.

Tri Fold Paper Brochure Mockup

After you are done with the designing of your brochure, the important thing is how to visualize the final design before printing. It is very easy; make use of our Blank trifold paper brochure mock up. This exclusive mock up has three folds to visualize the tri-fold design for your flyer or brochure which will let you easily visualize your final design in the form of a brochure.

This Blank trifold paper brochure mockup is created from four different dimensions which will give you a comprehensive final view of your brochure mock up design.

Paper Brochure Mockup (2930 downloads)

Highlighting characteristics of Blank Trifold paper brochure mockup

  • PSD format having four different view files.
  • Feature the Smart Object Features.
  • Completely customizable with your own design.
  • Have high resolution with pixel size of 4000*2500 with 300dpi.
  • RGB colors.
  • File size 69 MB

Download this brochure mockup and let us know how you like it?