Magazine Mockup Design to Infuse Life into your Magazine Design


Graphic designers are very well aware of the significance of the mockup design templates in the field of designing. Mock-ups are a great way to make the process of designing and visualising the final image, speedy and absolutely hassle-free. Designers need to look up for the right kind of mockup template for their particular design projects as they need to find the final outcomes of their creative efforts.

This task is especially difficult for the magazine designers. The final look of the finished magazine plays a crucial role in its success. Therefore, magazine mockup designs are of vital importance to the magazine designers. The magazine mockup templates give the view of the final magazine design from different angles which allow the designers to fix any mistakes or to make any changes before finalizing the design.

Now there is no need to spend hours on creating a magazine mockup design to have an overview of your magazine design, provides you with an exclusive magazine mock up designs to fit your requirements. You can very easily view the final look of your magazine through our magazine mock up design template.


This magazine mock up design template has four different views from different angles which helps you in viewing the inner details of your magazine. You can showcase a very realistic appearance of your magazine to your clients or even to the public to create hype about your upcoming magazine. It make use of Smart Object Feature which allows you to replace the existing images in this magazine mock up template with your own design and your artwork will be all set for presentation.

Some Highlighting Features of Magazine Mockup Design

  • It exclusively features 4 different PSD files downloadable in single file format.
  • The design of the magazine mockup can be customized according to your own magazine design.
  • The size of pixels of this mockup is 4000*2600 with 300 dpi.
  • It features Smart Object Feature.
  • It has a very high resolution with RGB colour display for true to life colours.

Why wait download this magazine mockup for FREE now and give your magazine a life even before its finally published!

Magazine Mockup Design to Infuse Life into your Magazine Design (2197 downloads)